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Value Creation for Participants

The 7Pixels NFT-Metaverse ecosystem is redefining the industry by increasing stakeholder involvement at every step.
“With 7Pixels, we want to bring a new frontier of a truly democratized metaverse economy. We are doing this in a variety of different ways – from redefining the value of NFTs to enhancing a user’s metaverse experience to ultimately creating value for all stakeholders of the ecosystem”
– 7Pixels Founders
Most of the NFT-related activities are currently confined to the NFT marketplaces. Here, the main party to any transaction continues to be the seller and the buyer. The sellers, in most cases, are creators themselves who will be listing their NFTs on marketplaces for sale or auction.
Based on the NFTs listed on the marketplace, the buyer will either purchase it by paying the list price or if it’s an auction, they will place a bid with the intention of buying it. The 7Pixels ecosystem is transforming this widely accepted model by allowing increased participation of the community as endorsers while offering them exciting earning opportunities through DeFi features.
The roles of participating stakeholders in the 7Pixels ecosystem are as follows