The Metaverse Experience

7Pixels brings together a new metaverse experience by combining the best of NFTs, DeFi, and the real world. The 7Pixels metaverse offers extensive support for NFTs as it goes on to redefine innovation and utility in the virtual environment.

Few innovative experiences offered in the NFT-Metaverse ecosystem include

  • Exclusive Exhibitions where creators and owners can exhibit their NFTs and any associated artwork in a virtual gallery on the metaverse.
  • Interactions between individuals are essential while working. As more people continue to work remotely, the need for interaction is only going to go up. The co-working space on the metaverse offers a place for the employees to meet, coordinate and get their work done more efficiently.
  • The 7Pixels metaverse will play host to a variety of events in various formats including completely virtual events and hybrid events. Unlike watching live on television or streaming online, the events will have additional interactivity built-in to offer a more immersive experience.
  • Apart from offering some of the best features and user experience, 7Pixels is also planning to encourage more projects to start building on the NFT-Metaverse ecosystem. The 7Pixels launchpad will support projects by enabling them to mint and launch their NFTs or tokens
  • Meanwhile, the integration of the GameFi marketplace into the 7Pixelds launchpads will enable projects to employ play-to-earn models in their products.
Last modified 1yr ago