7Pixels Roadmap The 7Pixels team has created a detailed roadmap for phased development of the NFT-Metaverse ecosystem. The project’s conceptualization dates back to the later part of 2020, followed by

  • Research about the NFT landscape
  • Understanding of NFT as a technology

  • In-depth research of the business model
  • Finding a digital business model anomaly
  • Study and research ERC-721 token standards and smart contracts

  • Structuring of a new business model
  • Research on DeFi products for the business model
  • Validation of the new business model with stakeholders
  • Research on DeFi smart contracts and integrations

  • Building a team for the beat launch
  • Announcement of the beta development phase, following finalization of product architecture
  • Beta development officially begins

  • Launch of Beta version in the market
  • Organic marketing campaign
  • User feedback, learning, and structuring roadmap for the first release

  • Finalization of the roadmap
  • Extension of the core team and product concept
  • Preparation for pre-seed funding
  • Creating a new website design

  • Private/KOL Funding
  • Development beings for MVP-1

  • Launch of a full-fledged NFT marketplace on MVP-1
  • 7Pixels staking feature launch
  • NFT reselling feature

  • Introduction of MVP-2
  • NFT request feature
  • Metaverse experience for exhibition
  • AR capability for NFT usage

  • Phase 3 of MVP (MVP-3)
  • Introduction of 7Pixels launchpad
  • Introduction of a new blockchain ecosystem
  • Metaverse space for events, shows, and concerts

  • MVP-4
  • Enabling GameFi NFT
  • Implementation of domains
  • Launching NFT tickets for metaverse events

  • MVP-5
  • Metaverse co-working space
  • Inclusion of music NFTs

  • Metaverse cities – Metahood creation
  • NFT renting
  • NFT loans/collateralization extension
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