7Pixels Marketplace

The 7Pixels marketplace allows creators to mint and sells NFTs that represent their digital work ownership. In addition, the marketplace connects creators with bidders who can choose to bid on their favorable NFT pieces.
In addition, endorsers can also participate in the marketplace and unlock various financial opportunities. For example, once an artist lists NFT and defines staking terms, the endorsers get to stake capital on their favorable NFTs.
Endorsers can also help promote the credibility and genuineness of artworks while getting rewarded in return for their efforts. The same helps in the fair price discovery of artworks. The community collectively decides NFT prices instead of just creators and bidders calling the shots.
Bidders get to place offers on the NFT and, once sold. They also receive the bragging rights for owning the respective NFTs. In addition, the purchased NFTs hold higher potential value as they can now be sold on secondary markets, rented to other community members, and can also be leveraged as collateral for loans.
In addition to the opportunities unlocked by 7 Pixels' business model, stakeholders can also benefit from its unique features.